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When you run a business, you have several different things and factors to manage. There is the core product or service, logistics, inventory management. Then there are the marketing costs, employee costs and management of employees. Other aspects to your business are going to be the administrating, financial and legal concerns. our job of is to assist your business to manage all its aspects, stay away from troubles and make it efficient.

We provide our advisory services and consultancy to SMEs from manufacturing, service industry and trading companies for business growth, improvement of knowledge, business & finance management system and marketing services.

We will help you revise your business strategy, setup and execute growth plan as well as come up with an effective marketing strategy to help you reach new levels of growth. Whatever the hurdles and obstacles you are currently facing, we guarantee to make a difference in your business and help you get to new levels of growth you never thought were possible.


We work with your team to create new standards of excellence for your business , our process divided into three stages:

  •  Performance analysis 

  •  Budget preparation 

  • Strategic planning 


    We set up an ongoing cost reduction system that consistently define value adding and non-value adding activities , our process divided into three stages:

  • Defining alternatives

  • Operation analysis

  • Implementation


    We work with your team to setup an inventory management system that meets your sales needs and keep your costs at minimum , our system sets the following:

  • Safety stock levels

  • Tracking system

  • Reorder point